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I write a personal blog about my adventures – and misadventures – on the road, not to be confused with my eponymous consumer advocacy blog. Please stop by and catch up with the latest. It’ll be fun.

Do you remember that?

The moment I cracked open the old box, memories started to pour out, unstoppable.

Time changes everything

This is me last week, giving an impromptu speech at an American Society of Travel Agents event last week in Nairobi. I’m not exactly a great orator. I prefer to be the guy holding the microphone and letting my sources talk. But all in all, it went pretty well, considering eight hours of jetlag and sweltering temperatures.

Away from everything

It only takes an 8,000-mile flight and a six-hour ride down a dirt road, but you can get away from everything. And sometimes, it’s worth it.

I’m not the enemy, but I’ll tell you who is

“They’re on to you, Dad,” chirped my 10-year-old daughter, who is wise beyond her years and can sometimes be a little sarcastic. She’d just heard the president declare journalists the “enemy of the American people,” and since I’m a journalist, am I not the enemy?

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