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I write a personal blog about my adventures – and misadventures – on the road, not to be confused with my eponymous consumer advocacy blog. Please stop by and catch up with the latest. It’ll be fun.

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Late last week, we crossed the $25,000 mark, capping another successful fundraiser. Thank you!

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If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to join the fundraiser for my consumer advocacy site, today’s the day.

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You read my consumer advocacy site every day. You follow the well-researched, useful stories I write for USA Today, the Washington Post, and my newspaper syndicate. Maybe you comment on the stories, too.

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This week, we’re visiting the small town of Buellton, Calif., about a half hour drive north of Santa Barbara. It’s the kind of place you might miss if you’re heading to the more touristy Solvang, the Danish-themed village a few miles east of here.

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