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I write a personal blog about my adventures – and misadventures – on the road, not to be confused with my eponymous consumer advocacy blog. Please stop by and catch up with the latest. It’ll be fun.

What it’s like to become an outpost of the resistance

“So how does it feel to be an outpost of the resistance?” I’m getting that question a lot these days, and not just from my right-leaning readers. Friends, relatives and colleagues want to know why I’ve become, well, politicized.

The enemy is out there

Sure has been an interesting week, hasn’t it? No, I’m not referring to the bizarre news making headlines — although I could easily go there — but the drama that’s unfolded on my consumer advocacy site, in the help forums, and among my own readers.

Not afraid to tell the truth

I’m alarmed by the relentless attacks on my journalism colleagues as they try to cover the new presidential administration. And, as both a journalist and consumer advocate, I can’t remain silent.

Now you see me

Late last week, I had routine surgery, which left me unable to see in one eye.

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