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I write a personal blog about my adventures – and misadventures – on the road, not to be confused with my eponymous consumer advocacy blog. Please stop by and catch up with the latest. It’ll be fun.

What’s the opposite of adventure?

There’s a beauty to the American suburbs too often unappreciated by the coastal cultural critics. Yet it is there, in the cookie-cutter homes, the nine-to-five jobs, the weekend cookouts, the happy birthday parties. Sometimes, you have to look carefully to discover it.


A random visit to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City turned into the unexpected highlight of our recent tour of Utah.

Who’s the best?

I’ve always been skeptical of awards, so when a friend suggested that I start one, I reflexively said “no.” “It’s not about you,” he countered. “It’s about your readers.”

So where are you really from?

I’ve heard the rumors for years, often whispered around the dinner table at family gatherings. We were not the children of European immigrants, as my parents claimed. At least not entirely.

You’ll never believe who won this chili cookoff

Sometimes, your own children can teach you a valuable life lesson. That’s what happened yesterday when my middle son, Iden, submitted his recipe in the annual Yavapai Hills Chili Cookoff in Prescott, Ariz.

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