There’s nothing like the imminent threat of nuclear war to make you sit up and pay attention on a quiet August weekend.

Like most of the world, I have strong doubts about the cast of characters in this real-life drama and our chances of making it out of this mess without at least one large explosion.

I didn’t vote for the current U.S. government and God knows the other side didn’t elect its dictator.

Perhaps that’s something to remember in the next election — if there is another election. Do you want a steady hand on the nuclear trigger or a tweeter-in-chief who brags to the world about being “locked and loaded”?

But this I do know: The prospect of North Korean missiles raining on Guam sure puts the rest of this into perspective. All the consumer problems in the world pale in comparison to a single nuclear detonation.

Maybe we need that reminder. In just a minute, I’ll bring you my latest consumer columns. They’re a showcase of the seven deadly sins, as my father might say, including pride, greed, wrath and sloth. They will make your blood boil. But figuratively, not literally.

Let’s hope cooler heads will prevail during this crazy August. And if it’s any comfort, there are only 1,177 days until the next presidential election.

Here are this week’s consumer columns:

Have a great week.

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Psst! I'm only going to show this once.

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