I’m thrilled to report that my second nationally syndicated column, Problem Solved, launched this morning.

It’s about time. I’ve been writing this feature every week for more than six years as a service to my readers. But once you find out more about it, you’ll understand why it’s so important and why I fought so hard to get it syndicated.

This is the kind of service journalism I was made for. And it’s the kind of advocacy you rarely see anymore.

Problem Solved takes a real and seemingly unsolvable reader quandary — usually one that’s dragged on for months or is considered hopeless — and fixes it.

Written in an engaging, succinct Q&A format, Problem Solved covers everything from broken laptops to faulty kitchen appliances, from shoddy workmanship to erroneous or even fraudulent charges. Nothing is off-limits for this feature.

Here’s the full press release from King Features Syndicate.

If you have a problem — any problem — and you can’t fix it, please contact me. I’ll do my best to help. And I may even write about it.

Here are this week’s stories:

See you next week.

Psst! I'm only going to show this once.

Psst! I'm only going to show this once.

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