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I’m an author, columnist and consumer advocate.

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I write about my own adventures — and misadventures — on my personal site.

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Away from everything

It only takes an 8,000-mile flight and a six-hour ride down a dirt road, but you can get away from everything. And sometimes, it’s worth it.

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I’m not the enemy, but I’ll tell you who is

“They’re on to you, Dad,” chirped my 10-year-old daughter, who is wise beyond her years and can sometimes be a little sarcastic. She’d just heard the president declare journalists the “enemy of the American people,” and since I’m a journalist, am I not the enemy?

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The enemy is out there

Sure has been an interesting week, hasn’t it? No, I’m not referring to the bizarre news making headlines — although I could easily go there — but the drama that’s unfolded on my consumer advocacy site, in the help forums, and among my own readers.

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Not afraid to tell the truth

I’m alarmed by the relentless attacks on my journalism colleagues as they try to cover the new presidential administration. And, as both a journalist and consumer advocate, I can’t remain silent.

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Be a smarter traveler

My latest book, How To Be The World’s Smartest Traveler (And Save Time, Money and Hassle) is the instruction manual for your next trip.

It’s full of actionable advice, lists and answers to the most common and most perplexing travel questions. I break through the frustration of every imaginable aspect of a trip at each step of the way.

The book shows you how to save time and money and prevent hassles. I share my favorite shortcuts, tips on where bargains can be had (and which offers are too good to be true) and ways to avoid being harassed by such travel irritants as onerous contracts or aggressive timeshare salespeople.

Order your copy now.

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Thank you for your help. I greatly appreciate the work you have been doing to fight for the consumer. – Michael Chua, San Francisco

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