Change can be difficult.

If you don’t believe me, ask the advocates I work with every day. In a few days, we’re transitioning to a new intranet that better organizes all of our efforts to help consumers. It sounds so simple, but it isn’t. Just when it looks like we have all of the right forms in the right place, we realize something’s missing.

Or you could talk to one of my kids. Last week, I expected to cast off on a six-month adventure around the perimeter of North America with my kids. But then I learned that we’d need to sell our house before we could leave. (Long story.)

The thought of being completely homeless terrifies me. It also energizes me. I’ve spent the last two decades pretending to be a stable, suburban-dwelling dad. The only true thing about that statement is that I am a dad. Now it seems I’m about to join my travel writing colleagues and fellow nomads who are citizens of the world in the truest sense of the word.

Change is scary. Change is also uncomfortable. But change can also be very necessary.

So I’m throwing myself into the next thing. I’m incredibly fortunate to have the support of friends like you and to be accompanied by my three children. I’ve always believed that travel can be the best form of education, so when the school work is over, we’ll go out and explore the world. I’m looking forward to that — and to seeing you while I’m on the road.

Here are this week’s stories:

See you next week.

Psst! I'm only going to show this once.

Psst! I'm only going to show this once.

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