About Christopher Elliott

I’m an award-winning author, advocate, and journalist. My investigative reporting on behalf of readers, often against seemingly insurmountable obstacles, has earned me a reputation as “every consumer’s best friend.”

I use my skills as a trained journalist to find truth. I’m motivated by a strong sense of compassion nurtured over time by wise mentors and years of experience as a consumer reporter. It’s an honor to serve my readers.

✓ I’m a consumer advocate. When I see injustice, I do whatever I can to expose it — and fix it. Learn more about my advocacy.

✓ My books are practical guides that help consumers make smarter purchases and allow companies to develop policies that lead to happier customers and fair profits. Find out more about my books.

✓ I write six weekly columns about customer service, with a special emphasis on travel and technology. My work reaches more than 10 million readers a week. Here’s more information about my journalism.

Here’s my extended biography, a few frequently asked questions about me, one or two important disclosures, and a list of my favorite mistakes. If you’re a publicist, please also see my FAQ about media queries.

Chriselliotts.com is my personal website. My sister site, Elliott Advocacy, is the consumer advocacy organization I founded. I support the organization on this site with links and frequent editorial mentions.