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I write a personal blog about my adventures – and misadventures – on the road, not to be confused with my eponymous consumer advocacy blog. Please stop by and catch up with the latest. It’ll be fun.

I know what you did last year

It's been a year since I sold my house and hit the road with my three kids -- a crazy 12 months filled with drama and life lessons, and one constant. That constant is you. You have always been there to support my consumer advocacy, to encourage me when a news outlet...

Dangerous times for consumer advocacy

These are dangerous times for consumer advocacy. And I’m not just talking about the Department of Homeland Security’s controversial plans to start tracking people like me.

It’s time for a new beginning

I love spring because it’s time for a new beginning.

Nothing shows that like a 22-hour drive from chilly Spokane, Wash. (where, by the way, it snowed last weekend) to balmy Prescott, Ariz. (where the mercury topped 80 degrees yesterday). You can watch the seasons change almost by the hour.

This is a real March Miracle! But what’s next?

No wonder they're calling it the March Miracle. This month is off to an incredible start. Whether it's a generous amount of snow that fell in the American West or the consumer advocacy soaring to new heights, this is a time of small wonders. Idaho's March Miracle --...

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