FINE LIVING TV NETWORK’s “What You Get for the Money: Vacations” Premieres Saturday, May 19 at 9p ET/PT

Knoxville, Tenn. – April 16, 2007 – Americans take fewer and shorter vacations than ever, but travel expert Christopher Elliott comes to the rescue in the new TV series he hosts called “What You Get for the Money: Vacations,” which premieres nationwide Saturday, May 19 at 9p ET/PT on the FINE LIVING TV NETWORK – the first and only TV network dedicated to helping people do more with their time and money.

“We’re suffering from something I call vacation inflation,” says Elliott, a syndicated travel columnist for Tribune Media Services and National Geographic Traveler magazine’s ombudsman.

“Statistics show that we take shorter vacations, but that the value of our getaways has gone down over the years. We pay more for them, but get less from them.”

As one solution to “vacation inflation,” the FINE LIVING TV NETWORK kicks off the summer travel season by giving away a vacation a day for 30 days in the What You Get for the Money: Vacation Sweepstakes Giveaway. During this 30-day period, trips featured on the new TV travel series will be given away, one each day starting Thursday, May 17 at 9:00am ET and ending Friday, June 15 at 5:00p ET. To enter, visit

Offering additional solutions to America’s growing concern of shrinking vacation time and dollars, FINE LIVING’s “What You Get for the Money: Vacations” will each week explore three vacation options, looking at the three from one price point. For example:

At $500: three groups of vacationers experience the thrill of the Big Apple, the hot spots of Sin City and swinging from a tree. Vacationers partake in a Sex and the City tour of New York City, skydive in Vegas, and perch in a treetop in the wonderful woods of Oregon. Also featured are three other $500 destinations: Austin, San Diego and the Black Hills of South Dakota.

At $1,000: two families enjoy a real safari adventure in Northern California wine country, a couple venture to the great lighthouses of Maine, and a group of golfing buddies experience seven world-class golf courses in Pinehurst, N.C., over a record five days. In addition, three more great destinations for $1,000 are Maui, Chicago and Boston.

At $1,500: three unique vacations – while one couple gets a lesson in Hawaiian culture at an authentic luau, another experiences a real cattle drive at a working ranch in Colorado and then a family of four ventures to Virginia Beach for a great sand-and-surf retreat. Three additional spots at $1500: Sun Valley, Savannah and the Hamptons.

Premiere week continues Mon-Fri, May 21-25 at 8p ET/PT. In the regular schedule, new episodes of FINE LIVING’s “What You Get for the Money: Vacations” will premiere on Saturdays at noon during the “Smart Shopping Weekends” programming block. But don’t wait to plan! Start now with Elliott’s tips to fighting “vacation inflation”:

Tip 1: Don’t follow the crowds. Peak season means peak prices. Head to the beach during the spring or fall, or to the mountains when it’s warm, and you’ll not only find lower rates and fewer people, but there’s also plenty to do. Ski resorts offer mountain biking and golf during the off-season, and traditional summer destinations near the shore have arts and music festivals.

Tip 2: Stay closer to home and splurge on something fun. By driving to a nearby destination instead of flying, you can save a bundle and spend those hard-earned vacation dollars on something fun like a helicopter ride, boat tour or admission to a theme park. People are often surprised at the recreational activities that are available in their own backyard.

Tip 3: Check out of your hotel. You can save even more money by visiting a national park and camping instead of staying at a hotel. In two episodes of FINE LIVING’s “What You Get for the Money: Vacations,” two families save serious money by camping on visits to Key West, Fla., and South Dakota. How much money can you save? In most cases, you can cut your lodging bill in half by pitching a tent or sleeping in your RV.

Tip 4: Eat like a local. You can save a lot on your food bills by planning your meals as if you’re a native – eating some of your meals at restaurants, and buying groceries and preparing other meals in your room. That’s what a lot of vacationers in FINE LIVING’s “What You Get for the Money: Vacations do, and it saves them hundreds of dollars.

Tip 5: Hire a pro. A qualified travel agent knows where the deals are, and can help you find the perfect one for your next getaway. Agents have great leads on package vacations, which bundle airfare, hotel and other activities into one low price. They often also have the inside track on cheaper airfares and discounted cruises.

*For additional price points and travel tips, see enclosed brochure.

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