If you’re a fan of Saturday Night Live, you probably saw Jason Aldean cover the Tom Petty classic, “I Won’t Back Down” yesterday.

It should have been a poignant moment, give Petty’s passing and the tragedy of the Las Vegas shooting, where Aldean happened to be performing. Although Aldean’s slightly off-key version of the song didn’t really resonate as it should have, the message couldn’t have been clearer.

I’ve been thinking about backing down for the better part of last week. Off topic, I hate the way the debate about guns has been hijacked by the political fringe. This is a dead simple issue: We have to keep weapons out of the hands of mass murderers like Stephen Paddock. Any law, regulation or amendment that does that should have our support.

But back on topic, I can tell you that people constantly ask my advocates to back down. For example, a few weeks ago, we received a cease-and-desist letter from a law firm representing a business we profiled in our company contacts section.

We replied with our own lawyer letter, reminding them that we have First Amendment right to publish that information.

Almost every day, I’m contacted by publicists and sources, who demand I delete something from an article or “tone down” a story. Some of them even want me to remove an entire story from my site.

The answer is always “no.” I won’t back down.

You have to take a stand for what’s right. That’s what people expect when your title is “consumer advocate.” Wait, scratch that. That’s what people expect from anyone.

By supporting the advocacy work that my team and I do every week, you are in your own way taking a stand, and not backing down. You’re sending a clear and strong statement to companies that try to separate you from your money in an unethical way that you won’t put up with it.

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