Expert tips for doing laundry on the road

If you don’t like to talk about recycling, it’s probably because you’re an experienced traveler. Recycling means that you’re out of clean clothes while you’re on the road and that you’ll either have to do the laundry or wear the same thing again.

And maybe again.

Your choices for doing laundry while traveling aren’t always that great. Hotel laundry services are ridiculously expensive. Who pays $7 to clean a shirt? Laundromats are often far away. And DIY laundry in the sink is, well, messy.
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Cancel your summer vacation now

Cancel your summer vacation now.

COVID cases are off the charts. Europe is off-limits to Americans. States are closing off access to attractions, beaches and parks. And experts say you’d be crazy to travel on during the pandemic.

“People should stay the [expletive] home,” says Cassandra Marcella Metzger, a travel designer based in Washington, D.C., who makes her living tailoring trips for clients.

Oh, I know: a travel agent and a travel columnist telling you not to travel is straight-up blasphemy! But here we are. The substitutes everyone thought were OK, like staycations and quick road trips? Also unsafe. That’s left many travelers wondering: What now?
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