Possible travel restrictions have travelers asking: What if?

Possible travel restrictions are leaving many Americans asking: “What if?”

What if there’s another surge? What if passengers need a negative coronavirus test to fly domestically? And what if the government tries to limit interstate travel?

The Biden administration last month imposed new testing requirements for air travelers entering the United States. It also required that masks be worn on mass transportation, including airlines, buses and trains.
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Traveling without a vaccine? Here’s what you need to know

Can you travel without a vaccine? A lot of people are starting to wonder, and for good reason. Some airline and cruise lines have announced they will only serve inoculated passengers.

Most airlines currently allow passengers to fly unvaccinated. But some require a negative coronavirus test. Qantas, the Australian carrier, has announced that it will begin mandating proof of vaccination for international flights. Read more “Traveling without a vaccine? Here’s what you need to know”

When can we take a cruise again?

If you like to cruise, you’re probably losing your patience by now. Last March, the cruise industry all but shut down and remained beached for the rest of 2020. Now, passengers are eager to know when they can take a cruise again.

In November, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control issued a Framework for Conditional Sailing Order, which defined the requirements for resuming operations in U.S. ports. Most major cruise lines won’t start their schedules until late spring.
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How to plan a spring break trip during a pandemic

Lee Weikert and her husband want to plan a spring break trip during a pandemic. They’d like to visit Phoenix in March for Cactus League spring training. But like many Americans, they are afraid the virus will throw them a curveball.

Instead of flying, the Weikerts intend to make the 12-hour drive from Diamond Springs in northern California. They hope to be vaccinated beforehand. And they most definitely will have a Plan B.
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Here are the travel dangers for 2021

What are the travel dangers for 2021? Ask someone like Walt Meyer, and he’ll tell you he’s afraid of getting sick when he travels.

Too many people aren’t taking COVID-19 seriously, he says. He’d travel again this year if he could be sure that his fellow passengers were virus-free.

“If they could require everyone to arrive an hour early, get tested, then wait for test results before boarding a flight or entering a resort, it would eliminate some of the risks,” says Meyer, an author and professional speaker from San Diego.
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