What if everything ended now?

What if I stopped publishing a consumer advocacy website? What if I quit holding companies’ feet to the fire in the pages of the Washington Post, USA Today and in my syndicated columns?

That’s a question worth asking today, only a few hours before my spring fundraiser starts. I’m trying to raise the funds to keep this site going, and I really need your help.

Yes, you.

Here’s what would probably happen:

  • In the executive offices of several major companies, most notably the legacy airlines, champagne corks would be popping. “Finally, we can have our way with customers,” they’d be saying. No one is going to count their misdeeds and report them publicly anymore.
  • Customers like you would lose your voice. Our popular help forum would vanish, leaving you without a place to file a grievance and be heard. The playing field would be less level.
  • You’d have one less advocate in an almost advocacy-less world. I can count the number of real consumer advocates on one hand, as I did in this week’s Washington Post column. Meaning your only recourse is to take your case to court — or to do nothing.

Do you want to live in that world?

Neither do I.

Please join these supporters now and stand behind the quality, uncompromising consumer advocacy that my volunteers and I do every day.

I could tell you about the other reasons for joining this list — the incredible premiums and giveaways we’re rounding up, from airline tickets to luggage. But I won’t. You’re reading this because you’re one of my closest friends, and you already know the value of the advocacy.

The need is great. We have IT and hosting bills to pay and an endless list of other expenses. Every year, as our traffic grows, we receive more cases, and more bills. And you know I’ll keep publishing my advocacy site until they pry my laptop out of my cold, dead hands. But do you really want it to come to that?

So please consider becoming a supporter now. You’ll get an acknowledgment as a spring fundraiser supporter and the gratitude of the thousands of consumers who will be helped by your donation.

Here are this week’s stories:

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See you next week.

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