Where’s Christopher?

People ask me where I am more often than how I am. That’s because I’m almost constantly on the road, meeting with consumers and helping people. It’s what I love to do.

I speak up for you

I stand up for the rights of customers at conventions and trade shows. I represent your interests in keynote speeches and on panel discussions at a variety of conferences.

Over the years I’ve developed a reputation for carefully-researched speeches and a respectful dialogue with audiences.

It’s never a lecture; it’s always a discussion.

I love what I do for a living. Helping people is a great honor.

I push for positive change

I’ve co-founded two non-profit organizations that help consumers, including Travelers United.

I believe the government has an obligation to protect consumers, and I love helping lawmakers write intelligent legislation that does exactly that.

Over the years, the organizations I’ve created have helped the federal government eliminate nuisance fees, scrutinize ill-advised mergers, and define the rights of customers.

We’re on an open-ended, around-the-world trip

There’s no better way to meet real people and experience real travel. We’ve been on the road since 2011.

I edit the website Away is Home, which chronicles my family’s travels every day.

I answer to three kids: Aren (15), Iden (12) and Erysse (10).

For us, away really is home.

Here’s how to track me down anytime, anywhere.

Call me. My direct phone line is (202) 370-7934. I’m also on Skype. I will do my absolute best to respond to you quickly and personally.

If you want to keep up with my consumer advocacy posts, check out my weekly newsletter, Elliott’s E-Mail. I also offer a more full-flavored daily version.

Tweet me. I maintain a personal account and an account for my consumer advocacy site. I love a good discussion in real time, and I love to help if I can.

Connect with me on Facebook. I manage two accounts: a personal page, which you can subscribe to and a page for Elliott, my consumer advocacy site.

See my YouTube channel and two Google+ accounts. You definitely want to sign up for my channel updates. I separate the G+ accounts between personal and business, just like on Facebook.

Connect with me on LinkedIn. I’m one of LinkedIn’s digital influencers. I write about consumer advocacy and travel issues for the social network.

I love photography, and if you do, too, you’ll want to find me on Instagram and Flickr.

My Tumbr blog has photos and daily posts. I’m also on Pinterest and Yelp, although I’m more of lurker. Please join me there.

I love hearing from you. I read and respond to every email. Here’s how to get in touch.

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I'm here for you 24/7

Seriously, I sleep with my phone. Because I care, that's why.

The easiest way to reach me is through the form above or through my site. Don't be turned off by the form -- it helps me collect the information I need and connect you with the right people who can fix your problem.

If you don't get an immediate response, please send me an email. (Alas, some browsers are not fully compatible with this form. But that's life on the Internet, isn't it?) Here's my address.

Or you can call me. I'm at (202) 370-7934.

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