What an interesting week. And I’m not even talking about what’s happening in Washington, although — wow! — who thought my U.S. senator would save the Affordable Care Act?

Chaos is everywhere. It’s in the White House, Congress, on the foreign stage, and right here on the road, too.

You should have seen us last week when I realized I’d made a reservation for two nights in Portland, Maine, instead of Portland, Oregon. (Yes, seriously, I am a space cadet when it comes to my own travel.)

By the way, that story had a happy ending, thanks to our friends at The Nines and the Kimpton RiverPlace. I’m grateful to both of those hotels for squeezing us in at the last minute.

But I love chaos. I learned to embrace it as an intern at the Claremont Courier in the 80s, where they still used typewriters to file their stories; in the cramped newsroom of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin; and later at the Birmingham News, the Dallas Morning News, the Los Angeles Times and Reuters.

Those places thrived on the chaos of breaking news. Once you dive into it, you can find your Zen and file your story — even with all the voices and deadlines swirling around you.

The chaos has followed me on the road. I’ve been traveling since mid-April with my kids, and we often don’t know where we’ll be sleeping tomorrow night. Fortunately, we’re good for the next few days; we’re in beautiful Olympia, Washington. After that, who knows?

This is a good kind of chaos, the kind that keeps you on your toes and makes you thankful for what you have. I have three healthy, intelligent kids. I have a nice Hertz rental car that, if push comes to shove, we can sleep in. My family travel blog has some amazing sponsors who believe in this project.

And I have the support of you, my readers.

Chaos can be positive, because eventually out of that chaos comes order. The confusion allows me to prioritize, to decide what really matters. It forces me to live in the moment, too. Because no one knows what will happen next. I certainly don’t. Maybe that’s a good thing.

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See you next week.

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