Will travel recover from COVID? And should you care?

If there were ever a time to feel sorry for the travel industry, it’s now. The pandemic has wiped out enormous parts of the business. Airlines are bankrupt. Hotels are shuttered. Travel advisors are out of work. It looks like they’ll never recover from COVID.

But should you care?

Before you say “yes,” consider the situation just a year ago. It was yet another record holiday travel season. Airlines were busy adding new rules to maximize their profits. Hotel rates were going through the roof. And the industry’s overall attitude was: If you don’t like our prices and service, just stay home.
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When to check out of your hotel — and never return

When Irena Shie knows when to check out of her hotel. It’s a hygiene thing, she says.

“If the room is dirty, I call the front desk and request a cancellation,” says Shie, a software developer from Glen Mills, Pa.

When Nancy Usich leaves ahead of schedule, it’s because she is uncomfortable. She says she and her husband recently checked out of a bed-and-breakfast in Gettysburg, Pa., because their room had a soft and lumpy mattress.
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Check out these new car rental subscription programs

Donna Choate needed a new car, but she wanted to avoid the hassle of ownership — the auto loan, insurance and maintenance. That’s when she discovered a new car rental subscription program that let her skip all of that.

Choate, a podcaster from Atlanta, heard about Hertz My Car, a new option that’s billed as an alternative to vehicle ownership and leasing. For $1,100 a month, which includes the cost of the vehicle and basic insurance, she drove away in a brand new Infiniti Q60.
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