What to do about travel fees now

What to do about travel fees? That’s what John Frigo wants to know. Chances are, so do you.

Frigo believed he’d found the ideal vacation rental in Tampa, Florida. Instead, he faced a collection of travel fees.

For just $350, he thought he could enjoy three nights in a spacious condo with stunning views of the bay. But when Frigo tried to book the rental, the price suddenly doubled to roughly $700.
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Airline fees aren’t going away — they’re just getting started

Even though airlines are dropping some of their most hated fees, the era of airline fees is far from over.

Airline fees aren’t going away. If anything, they are just getting started. Experts predict airlines and other travel companies will now try even harder to bait customers with low prices and then prod them into paying extra for something they want.

In August, United Airlines announced that it would “permanently” eliminate change fees for all standard economy and premium tickets for travel within the United States. The rest of the major airlines — including American Airlines and Delta Air Lines — fell in line within days. (Southwest Airlines has never charged ticket change fees.)
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No more airline fees: Pro tips for sidestepping the extras

Maybe you heard the rumors that airline fees were dead. Well, they’re not. But let’s get rid of them for real this time. No more airline fees!

There are proven ways to avoid airline fees. But to do that, you have to understand how airlines are operating now and how this affects your ticket purchase.

The airline business is in a tailspin after the COVID-19 pandemic. Some airlines won’t be able to pull out, and they will crash. And by “crash,” I don’t mean they’ll file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. I’m talking the works — a Chapter 7 liquidation. The airline is gone.
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