Here are the travel dangers for 2021

What are the travel dangers for 2021? Ask someone like Walt Meyer, and he’ll tell you he’s afraid of getting sick when he travels.

Too many people aren’t taking COVID-19 seriously, he says. He’d travel again this year if he could be sure that his fellow passengers were virus-free.

“If they could require everyone to arrive an hour early, get tested, then wait for test results before boarding a flight or entering a resort, it would eliminate some of the risks,” says Meyer, an author and professional speaker from San Diego.
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This is how to take a long vacation (and survive)

Are you ready for a long vacation? Jeffrey Blaustein and his wife, Marilyn, are.

Their next getaway is a five-week road trip from Amherst, Mass., to St. George Island off Florida’s Panhandle. That’s half an eternity compared with the average number of vacation days — nine per year — that Americans use for travel, according to the latest figures from the U.S. Travel Association.
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How to solve any travel problem now

If you’re reading this, then something has probably gone wrong with your trip. Maybe your airline canceled your flight or your hotel lost your reservation. It’s happening a lot during the pandemic. And you need to know how to solve your travel problem.

I’m here to help. I write the nationally syndicated Travel Troubleshooter column, and over more than two decades of consumer advocacy, I’ve helped resolve tens of thousands of trips that went wrong. (By the way, I also pen a column called Problem Solved, which helps all other consumer complaints.)
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