How to avoid a hotel cancellation penalty

If you’ve ever had to pay a hotel cancellation penalty, then Liam Goodman’s story will sound familiar.

When Goodman, a freelance photographer from Beacon, New York, tried to check into a hotel in Manhattan recently, it didn’t have any rooms available. He found another place to stay, but the first hotel charged him one night’s stay for being a “no show,” which made no sense.
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A new trick for finding the best vacation rental

Finding the best vacation rental is a lot harder than it looks — unless you use a new feature called a Trip Board.

Decisions about vacation rentals are usually complex and collaborative. It’s you and your significant other, kids, grandparents, maybe even a travel agent. And in the past, that meant emailing or texting a lot of property descriptions to a group that, if it’s like my family, never agrees about much of anything.
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