These pandemic surcharges are outrageous! 😠

James Irwin had to pay an outrageous pandemic surcharge when his tour operator canceled his upcoming trip to Germany. He asked for his money back and the company deducted $1,150 from the refund.

“We had not canceled,” explains Irwin, a retired supply systems analyst from Boothwyn, Pennsylvania. “The coronavirus had canceled the trip.”

Pandemic fees are spreading nearly as fast as the coronavirus.

Some, like Irwin’s, have always existed, but we’re seeing more of them now as trips are being canceled. Others, like service fees automatically added by restaurants and spas, are a recent development. But the worst pandemic fees may be the ones that disappeared at the start of the outbreak and are poised to make a comeback.
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❌ Canceled vacation? Here’s what you absolutely must know

If your vacation is canceled, what are your rights? For Ann O’Sullivan, that’s not a theoretical question. Her late-summer cruise from Athens to Barcelona became a casualty of covid-19 in May.

Did she get a quick refund, as promised? Of course not.

Princess Cruises offered her a refund or a credit. She chose the former, but almost three months later, she’s still waiting for her money.

She and her husband also put a deposit on a tour to Spain scheduled for late May. The tour operator canceled the couple’s trip in April and offered only a credit.
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Revealed: The most socially distant vacations of 2020 😷

What’s the most socially distant vacation of 2020? That’s an easy one for Daria Bachmann: Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument in Utah.

How distant is it? Fewer than a million people visit Grand Staircase a year, just a fraction of the nearby Grand Canyon’s 5.9 million annual visitors. The closest major city, Las Vegas, is a 4 ½ hour drive away. It’s so far from civilization that it has a reputation for its dark skies, attracting stargazers from around the country.
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