Travelers, it’s time to end fake disabilities

On a flight from Charlotte to Denver, Stephen Caron met a man he thinks was faking a disability.

“He boarded first because he was in a wheelchair,” recalls Caron, a retired customer sales manager from Jacksonville, Florida. “When we landed he got up and walked off the plane.”

The man then made a beeline to the baggage claim in Denver, a lengthy walk from the gate, unassisted. Caron says he’s seen it happen many times.

Airline crew members have a name for that kind of fake disability on a plane. It’s called a “miracle” flight.
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Travel abroad after the pandemic: here’s what to expect

If you’re planning to travel abroad after the pandemic, you should expect a few surprises. Some customs have changed, and you’ll need to mind your manners more than ever.

“The hugs and warm handshakes are something of the past,” predicts John Niser, director of the International School of Hospitality, Sports and Tourism Management at Fairleigh Dickinson University. “You can expect to continue to wear masks, and social distancing will become more of a norm.”
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Travel prices are bouncing back, but here’s where to find the bargains

Travel prices are bouncing back. They have a long way to go.

The average roundtrip domestic airfare dropped 15% last year, to $302, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Hotel rates plummeted 21%, to $103, lodging data from STR found.

But the era of cheap travel will end soon, experts predict. The only questions are, when will it be over – and how long do you have to book a low price?
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