Do I need medical evacuation coverage for my next vacation?

Igor Natanzon had long dreamed of visiting Antarctica. But his photographic expedition to the South Pole turned into a nightmare after a rogue wave slammed into his ship and he required a medical evacuation.

The wave hit the vessel as Natanzon, a software engineer from Hallandale Beach, Fla., descended a flight of stairs on the lower deck. He lost his grip on the handrail and tumbled down the stairway, fracturing his lower leg.

“I had medical evacuation insurance,” he recalls. “But I never thought I’d have to use it.”

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New Year’s resolution: Let’s boycott bad airlines!

If you’ve ever had such a horrible flight that you promised you’d never fly that airline again, then this is your year to follow through. Make a New Year’s resolution you can keep: Let’s boycott bad airlines.

Jenny Lehman did. In 2002, after enduring numerous delays without apology or compensation, she decided to add American Airlines to her personal no-fly list.

“The employees acted like they enjoyed our misery,” she recalls. “It was a kick-’em-while-they’re-down mentality.”
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